In search of the inspiration behind DBSS 4 feet corridors – 25 Jun 2015

Posted on June 25th, 2015 in Local Property Market

DBSS 4 feet corridor

Following the revelation that 4 feet corridors are quite the norm in recent DBSS BTO flats, the team decided to search around for 4 feet corridors. As you can tell from the picture on the right, two persons can hardly walk past each other without slanting their bodies or squeezing through.

According to SCDF’s “Fire Safety Guidelines for HDB Estates”, a minimum clear escape passage of 1.2 m clearance is to be maintained from the parapet wall where the shoe rack is to be allowed. No objects are also to be placed along common corridors less than 1.2 m wide.

It is little surprise then that DBSS developers keep to the minimum requirement stipulated by SCDF in an attempt to do the bare minimum. We chanced upon another place that also measures 4 feet in corridor width. Just count the number of square tiles. That this particular washroom is severely flawed by design is plain to see. The moment 2 gentlemen are back to back against each other, no one can pass through to use the facilities at the rear of the corridor. Perhaps the designer assumes that everyone will behave and use the facilities at the rear first before moving to the front. We know this doesn’t always happen in real life.

Thankfully, should there be a fire, it will be easily put out since water of all nature is available a step away! That should meet SCDF’s fire safety objective.

As if to compensate for the narrow corridor, the DBSS developer for Pasir Ris One installed a makeshift pull up bar along the corridor so that residents can keep fit. Fitness will be a crucial factor to escape in the occurence of fire. It is such a hidden hush hush feature that it probably did not catch the attention of the units with direct access to this secret fitness station, tuck away in an attempt not to clog up the corridor.

The swell of unhappiness from buyers of the Pasir Ris One DBSS is opportunity for all developers to reflect on the quality of the projects that they deliver to their buyers. Yes, you may have met the minimum requirement as stated by the authorities. But does it mean that it is good enough for your buyers vis-a-vas the price they paid for your inventory? Don’t you owe them a sense of duty?

Our Best, Always!

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