The Battle between Taxi Operators and Transport App Providers – 4 Jun 2015

Posted on June 4th, 2015 in Food for thought

LTA has acknowledged that third-party taxi booking services facilitate more efficient matching of taxis with commuters and have become popular and beneficial. A basic regulatory framework is expected to be rolled out soon.

We take you through the debate that has been going on. The points raised are not exhaustive. But utimately, Transport App Providers have become popular over the past year or so because they seem to finally solve the long standing woe of not being able to secure a taxi when one needs a ride, especially during peak hours. Playing hide and seek with taxis is a game nobody enjoys.

As a supporter of Smart Regulation, I welcome the disruption of these transport app providers to the frustrating status quo and am confident LTA will be sensible about regulating these new solution providers.

Homer fires first shot

Taxi business cannot be protected artificially forever


He insists on taxi

Apps are making traditional booking systems obsolete

Taxi drivers know the best way

With GPS, private drivers can do it too

taxis might not break down so frequently

Not true. Some owners maintain their cars better than public transport

Are taxi drivers really safer?

Any bad guy can be tracked down

Regulated drivers have to maintain standards

Taxi standards mean nothing if the customer is not well served

LTA? Over to you!

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