Welcome to “THINGS THAT MATTER” – 1 July 2016

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Date 1 July 2016 (Friday)


6pm   Registration

630pm Being Successful in Employment (What it takes) + Q n A

730pm Sponsored Dinner. Yay!

8pm   How to make CPF work for you + Q n A

9pm   Lucky Draw


Shaw Foundation Alumni House.

2nd Floor

Basil Seminar Room (50 px max)

Link to MAP 


1) Public transport

Free shuttle bus A1 from Kent Ridge MRT Station

Free shuttle A2, B,D1, BTC1 from within NUS Campus

2) By car/taxi

Via Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE):

  • Take exit 9 to Clementi Road · Turn left into Kent Ridge Crescent from Entrance B · Turn right into Kent Ridge Drive at traffic junction · Drive past Shaw Foundation Building AS7 (not the same as Shaw Foundation Alumni House) · At junction of Computing Drive, turn right into Carpark 15 · If you’re coming by taxi, continue straight on until you see the Alumni House; alight at the driveway

Via Pasir Panjang Road:

  • Turn in at Heng Mui Keng Terrace · Turn left into Kent Ridge Drive; you will drive pass the Alumni House on the right · Turn right into the driveway and alight at the Alumni House or continue on and turn left into Carpark 15 to park


SMS/WHATSAPP JOVI at 9151 5901 to indicate your attendance

You’re invited ! Empower Advisory HQ Xmas Tea Buffet 3 pm (26 Dec 2015)

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Celebrate Xmas with EA 26 Dec 2015

1) Christmas is the time of the year where we gather to celebrate the good around us and look forward to a brand new year of more goodness. If you missed Empower Advisory’s HQ soft launch on the 21 November, fret not. We want to share our joy and good deeds with you!


2) You are welcomed to our Christmas tea buffet (26 Dec 2015 – 3pm ) where you can reconnect with Coach Douglas and learn how to protect yourself from investment scams for the year 2016. You will also learn about the best ethical distribution system in Singapore to earn a good side income. Everything that Empower Advisory does is to steer the public away from scams and lousy, dodgy investments. As usual, our Buffet events are child friendly and there will be minders to look after your kids if you bring thm along.


3) Spearheaded by Douglas Chow since 2013, Empower Advisory is proudly the only anti-scam not profit driven organisation in Singapore that takes a public stand against scams of all sorts. Empower Advisory provides solid investment bootcamps, free life coaching, business advisory and lots more.


4) Empower Advisory strives to be the platform where good people meet, connect and do more good.


5) As usual, do not bring Christmas gifts. You are invited to contribute directly to any of the 3 charity causes that Empower Advisory endorses and supports.


6) Malays, non-Christians, Christians, Indians, Chinese, Westerner, it doesn’t matter. All are welcomed. Buffet is halal. Doing good comes from the heart, not from your religion, race or social status! At Empower Advisory, doing good is our religion!


7) RSVP below so the team can prepare the neccessary logistic! See ya!

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Your Name (required)

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Contact Number(required)

How many adults are you bringing (excluding yourself)?

How many children (12 yrs old and below) are you bringing?


VENUE: Empower Advisory HQ. OXLEY BIZHUB, 61 Ubi Road 1, (LOBBY 3) #04-10 S(408727)


DATE & TIME: 26 Dec 2015, 3 pm sharp. (Tea Buffet will be served first)

Oxley Bizhub

Direction to Oxley Bizhub

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Join the Most Rewarding Ethical and Value Driven Network Distribution System!

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ELM 20151015

Many years ago, I tried to steer folks away from joining rampant rah rah feel-good expensive investment seminars/courses that over promise and shortchange their participants. I was very concerned because these seminars/courses in many instances are just conduits to sell people dodgy investment products (property etc) and upsell/cross sell add-on packages. Despite my good intentions, I failed. Because I had no alternative to offer.

That realization gave birth to Empower Advisory Pte. Ltd. Today we are a beacon for folks who are sick of  smoke and mirrors and want to learn real investment skills without paying thousands and taken for a ride to nowhere. They need business advisory and life coaching. These I provide for free. They want realtor service they can trust. I obtained my realtor licence as a result.

Today, Empower Advisory has come to a new crossroad. We have a new target in our crosshair. Unethical MLMs that shortchange distributors and customers. Again I realized that no matter how hard I try to steer some folks away from joining the elusive dream sold by unethical MLMs, I fail. They just do not want to learn any investment skills that Empower Advisory offers. So what do I have to do?


I have to give them an alternative MLM. I don’t even want to call it a MLM. Because MLMs these days have deviated from the good that was supposed to be the DNA of MLM. An MLM was supposed to be an alternative to selling in departmental stores so that the mark up insisted by the retailer chains could be shared with the sales force in terms of better remuneration for their effort and to customers in terms of lower cost.

This is what has gone all WRONG with MLMs these days. The below are feedback that people have given to us.

1) Selling highly marked up products that are way more expensive than equivalents out there sold in retail chains or shops. Worse still, some of the products are downright dodgy with unproven scientific evidence and lab results. Customers are cheated and get a raw deal.

2) Selling motivational sales videos, courses and talks to distributors to continue to “motivate” them to sell. Distributors are milked like cash cows.

3) Promise big money with little work. MLMs show you staged videos and testimonials of fake successful people enjoying lifestyles you can only dream of, to induce you that it takes minimal effort to make money. That if you can’t sell, just recruit (They tell you that a sucker is always around the corner.) Distributors are sold a dream.

4) Make you pay membership fee just to retain your position in the company. Distributors are milked once again like cash cows.

5) Delay payment to distributors. Distributors wait for weeks and months to get their remuneration for all their hard work.


Here is the ALTERNATIVE. Welcome to END (Ethical Network Distribution)

1) Imagine distributing a product that is known to all, sold in Singapore for years with no problem and consumed for thousands of years by man. You won’t be selling anything dodgy. No magnetic mattresses. No vacuum cleaners that can suck away the haze. No lotion that will reverse your DNA 10 years. I’m sorry. These things don’t work. Period.

2) Imagine distributing a premium health product that cost less than $15 to your customers and last them a month. Your customers benefit and is easy for you to sell.

3) Imagine building a real sideline business for sustainable income. Fair to you.

4) Imagine having to pay $0 for training as all training is conducted by me. Fair to you.

5) Imagine being part of an organization that gives away money to charity, transparent and documented. Take pride in your effort.

6) Imagine being part of an organization that pays you promptly on time.

No need to imagine. All the above will be a reality.

Welcome to the future of MLM. The way all MLMs should be. Do join us as as your support will change direct marketing for the better. I welcome you on-board as partners!

Just fill in your particulars below and an Empower Advisory coordinator will get back to you. I’ll need a whole army of you to right the wrongs.

Together we can be the game changer. Together, you and me.

See ya!

Douglas Chow

CEO, Empower Advisory Pte Ltd

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Click here to select the most suitable date for you. Bring your friends and family along!




Revealing Statistics from 23 Jun 2013 Empower Yourself Series Seminar – 28 Jun 2013

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Because of the strong participation of 23 Jun 2013 Empower Yourself attendees to our anonymous questionnaire, we were able to derive meaningful results.  I love statistics as they provide interesting insights and sometimes challenge norms that we take for granted.  Let us see these statistics and draw some conclusions.  What other conclusions can you draw?



23 Jun Q1

1) Expectedly there were more male attendees. There is indeed room to encourage more ladies to be interested in investments and take charge of improving their financial security.



23 Jun Q4

2) It is interesting to note that slightly more than half of the attendees take home $5,000 and less while the rest take home more than $5,000. A sign of upward mobility?



23 Jun Q5

3) With about 75% of attendees working long hours (41 hours and more a week), it is most likely that they will not have time to monitor their investments on a daily basis since they would have other time commitments as well. How then should they approach investments? Come to our Preview or Sign up for our Course today!



23 Jun Q7

4) With 76% of attendees not exposed to investment and property knowledge at work, there is much Empower Advisory can do to get them up to speed!



23 Jun Q8

5) With only 13% of attendees considering themselves as aggressive risk takers, Empower Advisory is on the right track to advocate a safer less-risky way of investment for the majority.



23 Jun Q10

6) With slightly more than half of the attendees considering themselves as Newbies, there is much room for Empower Advisory to equip them with the right tools to invest profitably.



23 Jun Q11

7) Finally, we are saddened that about 1 in 5 attendees have suffered losses from scams in the market. This statistic strengthens our resolve to continue to alert the public of scams out there and take charge of their own investments profitably.


Our Best, as Always!

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Empower Advisory’s debut seminar well received ! – 25 Jun 2013

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Crowd on 23 Jun 2013

What a lovely turnout on 23rd Sunday 2013 where Empower Advisory held its debut seminar at the National Library!

Empower Advisory was started with the mission to empower our guests to take charge of their own property and stock investments profitably and to avoid scams and dishonesty in the market (We are probably the first to warn people of such malpractices that have hurt many people and ruined lives).

To uphold our belief of no-hard selling, we take pride that we consciously steer away from

a) The abuse of NLP sales techniques and pressure sales tactic.

b) Using scent marketing like what shopping malls do these days

Do remember that in any investment/marketing you encounter – do a first cut due diligence test.  For example, if someone claims to own 50, 100 or even a 1000 properties, ask to see the person’s name on the title deeds of all those properties.  If someone claims to have made a spectacular trade, ask to see some evidence.  As a financial practitioner and a former public officer engaged by the Ministry of Trade and Industry to cut business red tape within our bureaucracy, due diligence is never far from my radar.

Here is the litmus test.  Google search Chow Tuck Kheong Douglas.  What does Google show up as results? And yes, if you come across a letter challenging HDB how it priced our flats, that was written by me as an undergraduate majoring in real estate back in 2004.  It caused quite a stir back then in my faculty and I remembered a professor dragging me off quietly to tell me, “Glad you bothered to use these facts to argue.  Let’s see what the authorities have to say…”

Finally, it is true heartfelt testimonials that speak the loudest.  Not scripted, planted and arranged interviews but those done live.  We thank our participants who have given us honest feedback and we will continue our mission to empower every individual to be a savvy investor in stocks and property so he/she will never be caught in a scam or bogus investment again!

Empower Advisory’s journey will be tougher and more challenging because we stick to our principles of no gimmicky and manipulative marketing.  But we will persevere because values are what we hold dear to our hearts and the rock upon which Empower Advisory was built upon.

Sign up for our course! You won’t regret it.


Our Best, Always

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