Empower Dating

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What is Empower Dating?


1) Empower Dating is about you. First and foremost

Empower Dating is not about matching you with a random stranger from a database just because you are panicking about being lonely or are terrified because all your peers, one by one are getting attached or married (happily or miserably).

Haven’t you sat through enough awkward dates or heard enough horror stories about mis-matched dates from a so-called “very qualified” database?

Empower Dating wants you to be able to decide your own dates. That’s the whole point right?

First understand yourself. Understand what makes you tick and what you are really looking for in that special someone. Are your expectations out of the world? Are you confused between your needs and wants?


2) Empower Dating is about seeking companionship

Marriage is not the end goal. Finding that kindred spirit that lasts the distance with you is the REAL prize.


3) Empower Dating is NOT about superficial fluff

We don’t believe in training you to be pick up artistes. We believe in coaching you to be the best version of yourself and give your best to that special someone who appreciates you for what you stand for, and who you are, quirks and all.


4) Empower Dating is about honesty

If you are not designed to be in a long term relationship, then you are not. And we will tell you so


5) Empower Dating is about building blocks

Sustainable love comes from a great friendship and mutual respect. Anything outside that is lust-based attraction that spells disaster, sooner or later.


6) Empower Dating is about Empowerment

We will empower you to find your own dates, be brave about rejections and build meaningful relationships that lead to meaningful companionships

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The Team

Coach Douglas and his team of Empower Angels who will facilitate all role playing sessions

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The Programme

The Bootcamp – Another quality bootcamp from Empower Advisory

8 sessions (8 weeks) – $1,500

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Phase 1: Discovering your true self. You are what you are. Personalised Analysis.

Phase 2: Mindset transformation. Personalised Analysis.

Phase 3: Personalised Role play with active feedback from Empower Angels. All materials and meals provided.

Phase 4: Graduation! Go out there and know new folks. (We will guide you where to look, or course)

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Post-Bootcamp Support

1) Match Analysis for your potential companions (Up to 6 match analysis within 3 yrs)

2) Meet up with Coach – (up to 6 times within 3 yrs)



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