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What do these 4 have in common

1) What do the 4 people above have in common?

2) Roger Federer, the greatest tennis player of all time, has a coach. Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, had a coach. Mark Zukerberg and Richard Branson had coaches.

3) Roger Federer, Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg and Richard Branson did not overcome their obstacles by attending feel good motivational talks that are over-priced 3 days rah rah concerts in disguise.

4) They go for the real thing. They know that such rah rah talks cannot address specific challenges.

5) Now, if these successful people have coaches, why should you be shy of coaching? Having a coach is as as natural as going to the doctor when you have a fever that doesn’t go away with panadol. Having a coach is as natural as going to a mechanic when you can’t figure out why your car cannot start.

6) Empower Advisory is committed to give you a full single session of FREE life coaching. Absolutely FREE. We believe that the more successful you are, the better the world will be. You will get a professional personality assessment to understand yourself better and a one to one coaching session that is easily worth a few hundred dollars.

7) All information shared in the coaching session is kept strictly confidential. You are not judged in any way (unlike your family, friends or colleagues) and can be totally yourself. We just strive to give you a leg up.

8) All coaching sessions are on a one to one basis. A date and time will be arranged for you upon your life coaching request. All schedule will be arranged according to our Principal Life Coach’s availability.

9) Many have benefited. Go on. Just fill up the text box below

10) To find out more about what life coaching is all about, click HERE!

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