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Posted on June 7th, 2013 in Owner's Profile

Douglas started work in the Finance Industry, where he worked in various financial discipline including SME banking, IPO, mergers and acquisition, valuation and financial modelling.  The companies he worked for were IFS Capital Limited, OCBC, Grant Thornton and PWC.  Along the way, he obtained a Masters in Applied Finance from the University of Adelaide in 2009.

After a fulfilling stint in the finance industry where he achieved his financial goals, he decided to help businesses in a more impactful way by leading a team of dedicated public officers in the Ministry of Trade and Industry to champion better business rules and regulations in Singapore through the Pro-Enterprise Panel platform.

After 3 years as a public officer, Douglas bid the public service a fond farewell to answer an important calling to empower the public with real investment knowledge they can apply with confidence. He continues to contribute to the public service as an associate trainer with the Civil Service College.

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Empower Advisory Partners

Posted on June 7th, 2013 in Owner's Profile

Partners of Empower Advisory are professionals from the real estate, finance, accounting and legal sector.

Specially handpicked as a result of their values and professionalism, these partners work closely with Empower Advisory to provide sincere advice and expertise to members of Empower Advisory.

The number of partners continues to grow as Empower Advisory wants to deliver the best possible value to its members and provide them with REAL knowledge and confidence to achieve the sweet joy of financial independence.

Too often, innocent people fall prey to scams that exploit their financial ignorance and trusting nature. One person conned, is one person too many. Empower Advisory together with its partners, aims to equip each and every Empower Advisory Member to be savvy enough to avoid scams and take charge of their own investments and retirement plans with confidence and success.

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