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Systema is essentially, Russian Health & Self-defence.  Never take your safety in Singapore for granted.  With growing incidences of unprovoked assaults in Singapore, one must be equipped with basic self defence ability.

Efficient and practical SELF-DEFENCE training. Systema is a comprehensive martial art system that integrates well-tested scientific methods and traditional Russian practices to produce the most results.

The unique teaching methodology of the Russian style allows the skilled practitioner and the beginner alike, to benefit from the enjoyment and challenges of training.

Benefits include:

-       Developing increased mental strength and personal confidence.

-       Systematically improve one’s overall health and wellness.

-       Enjoy an increase in energy from regular breathing exercises and physical training.




For youth (ages 13 – 18 years old), Ladies and Men from all ages and fitness levelsNo Experience is necessary!




<Effective and Enjoyable!>

Thousands of Systema practitioners from all over the world have joined Systema classes and embraced with great pleasure, the satisfaction that comes from a good physical and mental workout.

<Experience a unique Health & Self-Defense training program>

We welcome all and strive to create the Best learning environment (Fun and engaging) for everyone who wishes to discover and study Systema and learn more about themselves.

<Heal your training partners with Deep Tissue massage and stretches>

Use Breathing to aid and speed recovery from injuries.

<Protect yourself and your loved ones with Natural and Dynamic movements>

Free yourself from Fear and Tension.



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