Cheap can get cheaper (Case Study) – 5 Aug 2014

Posted on August 5th, 2014 in SG stocks




I was driving today when I heard on the radio that Xpress Holdings Pte Ltd (“Xpress”) is in talks with UOB to avert a winding up application.

UOB is not the only one pressing Xpress for late payments.  HSBC Institutional TrustServices (Singapore) and ASEAN Finance Corporation Ltd (AFC) are also in the fray.  The sum owed is not a lot, just $2.4 million.  That Xpress, a listed company on SGX Mainboard cannot pay up shows how weak the company is.

Isn’t it ironic that Xpress, a company that prints time-sensitive & quick turn around. publications such as stock market research reports , annual reports, IPO prospectuses, shareholder circulars and fund management reports cannot print its own report of stellar results?

An acquaintance called up.  Let’s call him Cheapo since he has a clandestine affair with  cheap penny stocks, despite having got burnt several times.

The conversation went something like this.


“Douglas, you saved me some serious money.”

“I know.  So when you buying me lunch?”

“How did you know it will get that bad?  The charts don’t show it?

“The signs were there but the charts can’t tell you.  You don’t bother going through the financial numbers and thinking about the business model.”

“Aiyah, I too busy, ah.”

“Busy with work or busy with losing money?”

“Don’t rub it in, leh.”

“The charts can only tell so much.  You like to buy cheap stocks.  But cheap can become cheaper until one day you don’t even have a currency to represent your stock price.  How much was it when you yakked about Xpress last year?”

“About 3 cents.”


“1.6 cents.”


The Takeway.  Combine fundamentals with technical analysis in stock investment. That’s what we do at Empower Advisory.  It will save you lots of tears. And it’s not rocket science.  You can pick it up, just like all our course participants with or without financial background.  Think about it.  You can be either busy losing money and making excuses or busy making good investment decisions.



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