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Clever Stock Investment (An Update) – 20 Mar 2014

Posted on March 20th, 2014 in SG stocks


Goodpack jackpot========================================================

1) Remember our posting on a Company we love, Goodpack Limited (“Goodpack”) back in 19 September 2013 (6 mths ago)?  Well here’s a happy update for those who followed our call.

2) Goodpack is currently in talks with interested parties who might want to buy a major stake in the company or swallow it up whole.  It’s anyone’s guess if it will really happen but based on that official announcement, Goodpack shares have shot up to $2.26, over its 19 Sep 2013 price of 1.74.  For those who jumped onto the bandwagon, albeit later than us, it’s a pretty decent 30% returns (not including the 5 cents dividends announced in Dec 13) in 6 months.  Which property investment can give you that?

3) That you make investments in stocks of quality companies cannot be over-emphasised.  A quality company will attract corporate buyers and if Goodpack is taken private and delisted, it’s a good day for shareholders who can cash out now or later.  What is bittersweet then is that they have to look elsewhere for other good companies.  No worries, they are everywhere! You just need to know where to look.

Our Best, Always!


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