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NewBrand Organic Green Tea is a home-grown Singapore brand that endeavours to grow its organic green tea without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

What is so special about NewBrand Organic Green Tea?

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NewBrand Organic Green Tea DOES NOT come in tea bags or grind its leaves into powder form. NewBrand Organic Green Tea only wants to serve the freshest organic green tea leaves of premium quality at an affordable price. Instead of taking the easy way out, it refuses to compromise for the following reasons

If you use tea bags,

1) You can only soak the teabag for about 1 minute. This is because the staple, bleached string and wax in the teabag may dissolve in the hot water if you soak the bag for too long

2) You can’t refill it with hot water

3) You can’t assess the freshness and tea quality as it’s well hiden in the bag

If you use powdered form,

1) You can’t eat the tea leaf as it has oxidizided

2) Grinding and crushing the tea leaf results in the severe loss of tea freshness and health nutrients

Why NewBrand Organic Green Tea?

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1.Green tea is a contributing factor for Japanese long life expectancy

2.Green tea can contribute to weight loss and keep your body slim

3.Green tea can help prevent hair loss and other lifestyle-related diseases

4.Green tea can boost mental alertness and enhance memory

5.Green tea can help improve bone health and reduce inflammation

6.Green tea has anti-aging effects and can enhance your immune system

7.Green tea can keep cancer at bay

8.Green tea can lighten urinary incontinence (leaky bladder), reduce urinary stone formation and glucose levels


Why canned/bottled/powdered green tea is not what it seems…

1) Canned or bottled green tea have been reported to contain very minimal green tea health elements like polyphenols and Vitamin E as per studies conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture.

2) For convenience, green tea stuffed in a tea-bag has made it easier for tea drinkers. However, green tea leaves have to be processed into “splinter” shade to be packed into a tea bag. This process inevitably induce oxidization and bring about the loss of beneficial ingredients in the leaves. Furthermore, tea bag will “disallow” drinkers to observe the freshness and quality of tea leaves.

3) It is a widely known fact in the tea industry that only tea leaves of lower grade are used. If you open up the tea-bag, you will discover that a substantial amount of it is dried tea stems and veins instead of pure green tea leaves. Tea plants’ stems and veins contain very little nutrients. In addition, the tea bag will also affect the fragrance and taste of pure green tea.

4) Green tea powder is often made of old tea leaves, combined with discarded tea leaves, stems and veins, crushed into powder form. The bigger and older the leaves, the lower level of health ingredients they contain.  Manufacturers don’t always use tea leaves of good quality to produce green tea powder. The process of grinding and crushing inevitably induce oxidization and the loss of beneficial health elements in the leaves.

NewBrand Organic Green Tea PREFERS to do it the RIGHT WAY!

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1) NewBrand Organic Green Tea uses more expensive farming techniques and processes to ensure that you drink Green Tea the way it’s meant to be. Chemical Free. Pesticide Free. Quality Tea Leaves that you should be paying for.

2) To pass savings to the End-Consumer and reduce mark ups by retailers, NewBrand Organic Green Tea is sold online and through local promoters. The organic tea leaves are so concentrated and rich that you can have up to 3 brews with just one sachet of it. You can even chew on the leaves as an anti-oxident snack. At just $12 a box or 60 cents a packet, what can be cheaper than drinking/chewing to great health?!

3) Daily consumption for good health will require 1 and 1/2 boxes. A family of 4 will consume 6 boxes. A small price to pay for good health. Healthy habits start today. Make organic green tea drinking a daily habit for good health. Make a refreshing chilled version. Add honey if you wish! Experiment with chrysanthemum flowers! Share good health with your friends and family!

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1 box (20 sachets) – $12


(Promotion Package) – For Tea Ambassadors


20 boxes (400 sachets) – $198


For a free taste of the tea, visit Empower Advisory HQ. Try it before you make a purchase! Give us a call/sms/whatsapp at 83324283 before you come down.

Our address: Oxley Bizhub, Blk 69 Ubi Road 1, Lobby 3, #09-20 S(408731)

Oxley Bizhub

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To purchase this fantastic organic green tea (Cash Payment), you can buy it at Empower Advisory HQ.

For home delivery (Add $7). Cash on Delivery.

To be our Organic Green Tea Ambassador and be rewarded, come to our info-session.


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