Food Tasting at Waraku Casual Dining at Square 2 – 6 Aug 2014

Posted on August 6th, 2014 in The Occasional F&B Review


Square 2 Branch - 10 Sinaran Drive, #01-07 Square 2, S(307506)  Tel: 6397-7162

Square 2 Branch – 10 Sinaran Drive, #01-07 Square 2, S(307506) Tel: 6397-7162


I’m just back from a food-tasting event with the good folks from Flip Leaf Communications. This time we brought our taste buds to Pasta De Waraku – Square 2 at #01-07 (Behind Novena Square).

The brand Waraku has been in Singapore for 14 years and most folks would have heard of it or dine in one of their outlets at least once. Waraku casual dining is one I am most familiar with as there is an outlet at The Central@Clark Quay near my former place of work. It was also one of my favourite lunchtime venue.

Pasta De Waraku is an incarnation of Waraku that focuses more on pasta based dishes. So when there was a holler to try them out at Square 2, it was a chance for me to assess if standards have dropped since I had not been in a Waraku outlet for more than a year.

As you can tell from their menu, prices of their mains are in the mid-range, hovering between $15 to $20 all in per person. The value lunch set, which is cheaper, is an attractive proposition.




First to arrive at our table was the Waraku Pizza with Tartar Sauce. As you can see, it’s a thin crust pizza with chunky ingredients of fresh prawn, broccoli, tomato and chicken sausage. Cleverly, a sprinkle of tuna is added in the centre, so that when you eat it in slices, assuming you start from the pointy end, you get an appetizing salty bite before you work your way towards the rest of your pizza slice. It works very well. Available in 2 sizes, (M) $15.80 – 4 slices (R) $17.80 – 6 slices, one can easily polish up the larger size. You wish it was bigger.


Next, we had the Yakiniku BBQ pizza. It was a smaller (M) size compared to the larger (R) sized Waraku Pizza with Tartar Sauce. Drenched in savoury sauce, the beef was moist and a mix of fine tendon and meat. Dry seaweed added a contrasting texture to the beef, and instead of soaking up the sauce, it deceptively allowed the sauce to drip down my fingers. Not that I’m complaining. My fingers just became finger-licking good.


Then, the BIG surprise. Cakes. Were they Japanese cakes, as I had expected? Nope. French cakes. No kidding.

Gateau Maison had specially teamed up with Waraku to introduce premium cakes to Singapore. As explained to us, these premium cakes are made with ingredients imported from France. 11 different multi-layered cakes are available, designed by a dedicated culinary team helmed by a pastry chef extraordinaire trained in France. And hey, he’s Singaporean!

We sampled 3 different flavours.


First, the Aigre, comprising Joconde Sponge, Almond Dacquoise, Chocolate Sponge, Dark Chocolate Mousse and Lemon Coulis.


Next, the Fraisinette, layered with Vanilla Sponge, Fresh Strawberries, Blueberries and Fresh Dairy Cream.

And finally, the Anushka, layered with Almond Dacquoise, Mango Mousse, Mango Filling and Fresh Mango.

I shall keep it short. All 3 cakes shared the same attributes.  Classy, well balanced, delicious and I dare say, better than any cake I have tasted by far.  At $8.50 per slice, it certainly commands a premium. To get more bang for your buck, it’s better to go for the entire cake priced between $65 to $85 for that special someone or occasion.  My only gripe is that despite paying premium price for a premium delicious cake, delivery is not included.  Additional charges apply.  To save on delivery, opt for self -collect at Pasta De Waraku – Novena Square 2 and maybe you’ll get a bonus kiss from the lucky recipient when you reveal that you personally went to collect the cake.  Now that would be the icing on the cake, wouldn’t you agree?

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