You are MORE than what your Job defines – 19 Feb 2014

Posted on February 19th, 2014 in Empower Coaching, Food for thought


jp morgan suicide

Tragically, a young 33 year old JP Morgan junior investment banker jumped to his death on 18 Feb 2014  from the top of Charter House in Central Hong Kong, where JP Morgan has its Asia headquarters

A smashed iPhone and Blackberry phone was found beside his lifeless body.  According to sources, the Hong Kong Chinese native had confided in his colleagues that he was facing tremendous stress at work.  Other sources pointed that he had received news that he was facing the sack.  Security tried in vain to stop him from jumping 30 storeys to his death.

Nobody should have to face such an untimely demise due to work related stress.  Remember, that you are defined by more than your job.  A job ultimately compensates you for the time and effort you exchange to make profits for the company.  To put it bluntly, a job pays you a wholesale rate while your employer charges the ultimate clients a retail rate.  That’s all there is to it.

Don’t let work stress rob you of your life.  See a counselor or quit your job if necessary.  Take a step back to evaluate if the current job is really for you.  The litmus test is this.  If you find yourself relishing the challenges of your job and actively seek solutions, then all is good.  But if you don’t, you might simply be in the wrong job, that’s all.  There’s no shame in walking away.  Just like you can’t get an Olympic swimmer to challenge for top honors in a 100m land race, you can’t perform if you’re not in the right job and environment that plays to your strength.  Do you think Michael Phelps, the American champion swimmer and the most decorated Olympian of all time can ever beat the fastest man alive,  Usain Bolt in a 100 meter dash?  Likewise, do you think Usain Bolt can ever outswim Micheal Phelps?

Your life is limited.  Your work is not.  All of us are dispensable.  See how Apple continues to shine with the departure of Steve Jobs?  We wish that all friends of Empower Advisory find a fulfilling, satisfying vocation!

“At Empower Coaching, we believe that our Clients are unique, and responsible people who delight in moving their lives forward. Together, we can!”


Our Best, Always

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