The Abuse of Life Coaching – 26 Nov 2013

Posted on November 26th, 2013 in Caution Ahead


Read this from Fairfax New Zealand News and think it’s worth sharing.

A client of a so-called life coach who defrauded a woman of $200,000 is warning others not to be as “crazy” as she was.

Sophie (not her real name) had paid Dianne Wood, 53, every week for five years to make decisions about every move in her life.  Dianne Wood, was finally convicted in August 2013 of fraudulently receiving $200,000 from another of her vulnerable clients.

Detective Brendan Ngata who was involved in the investigation said “”She was unconscionable in the way she went about getting the money…People went to her in a vulnerable state and she claimed to have ability and expertise in every aspect of someone’s life – financial, property or employment, he said. “She doesn’t accept she’s done anything wrong.”

Another woman told the Daily News that she had paid Wood for seven years as her life coach. She said Wood “caught me out” when she was at her lowest.

Wood appeared in the New Plymouth District Court and was found guilty of fraud.

= What is Life Coaching? =

In layman speak, it’s to help you become better in what you perceive as your weakness.  If a coach cannot help in that specific problem, he should have the integrity to say so.  Be wary of those who profess to be able to solve all your problems.

Unfortunately, what should have been a positive life-enhancing transformation for the client has become something of a circus.  Suddenly, in 2 to 3 days, in large congregation numbering hundreds and thousands, a feel good rah rah motivation session drenched in Neuro-linguistic programming where people pay many thousands to attend,  is supposed to be able to change your life without even addressing your issue specifically.  Gimmicks, like walking on fake crushed glass and fire puts courage into you, which disappears in a few days’ time as quickly as it came.

You know what we mean.

How does our Coaching differ?

1) At Empower Advisory, true to real coaching, we do not do seminar style coaching akin to a charismatic congregation. We believe in personalized coaching.  Every individual has unique challenges and issues to overcome.  Small groups coaching are done only if there is realizable benefit of individuals, usually friends buddying each other to encourage each other to see through the coaching journey.

2) At Empower Advisory, we don’t drag you along.  We don’t believe in a rah rah 2 day session.  Neither do we believe in an unhealthy lifelong reliance.

3) Just a maximum of 8 sessions, long enough to witness the improvement plans laid out and put into action by you.  Once your engines are chugging and you have internalized the action plans, you are good to go.  In fact, if you are good to go after the first session, one session is all you need.

4) At Empower Advisory, if we assess that coaching is not suitable for you, we have the integrity to inform you as such.  At Empower Advisory, your interest comes first.


Our Best, Always

“At Empower Coaching, we believe that our Clients are unique, and responsible people who delight in moving their lives forward. Together, we can!”

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